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A few comments on my approach to this blog:

  1. These posts are subjective.  The songs noted in each post are not intended to represent the most commercially successful or critically acclaimed music.  They’re just the ones that mean something to me or somehow interest me.  I hope enough of them interest readers, who should understand that I will leave out some or all of their favorites.
  2. Readers are invited–encouraged–to comment, including their choices of songs for the subject.  They may also criticize my choices, as long as they’re civil.
  3. My music tastes are pretty eclectic, but I do tend to listen to some genres more than others.  So I also tend to comment more on music in those genres: jazz, R&B, pop rock & soul, novelty, vocalists and vocal groups.  I don’t keep up very well, since I’m old, so most of the songs I refer to are from the ’20s to the ’80s–but there are exceptions.
  4. I try to avoid Google and Wikipedia as resources.  Sometimes, because it’s quick and easy, I use them to check a date or back up a recollection.  Most of the time, I refer to books of music reference, biography, and criticism.  I like books.  In some cases, I cite references, but not always, since it can bog things down.  A lot of the info is from my own faulty memory.  If I get something wrong, readers may feel free to kindly correct me.
  5. I am aware of Bob Dylan’s Theme Time Radio Hour, but he came up with it 20 years after my buddy Scott & I came up with Music by the Book (a two-hour radio show), which inspired this blog.
  6. My goal is to make a new post once or twice a week.  More often than that risks tiring readers and me out; less often seems too casual.

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