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Spotlight: Makin’ Whoopee

Spotlight: Makin’ Whoopee

Another spotlight, another song / Perhaps it’s not right, but is it wrong? / It ain’t Jurassic, but it’s a classic–it’s “Makin Whoopee.” From my blog post I Just Wanna Make Love to You. Video of Mr. Eddie Cantor, followed by the excerpt from the post.

“Makin’ whoopee” is such an antiquated term these days that it has come back around as an innocent way to refer to sex. (Hasn’t it? Or is it just me?) There were three hit versions of the song “Makin’ Whoopee” in 1929, most notably the version by Eddie Cantor, who sang it on Broadway in the show Whoopee. I imagine it was pretty titillating for audiences to hear back then, even if sung by a funny-looking, bug-eyed comedian. I do, however, think it could make a comeback with a verse updated for the younger set. (And just using the phrase “younger set,” I know, puts me way out of it.) It’d go something like this: “He sits alone and oversexed / He grabs the phone, sends her a text / She puts her book up / She wants a hookup / They’re makin’ whoopee.”



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Each of my blog posts focuses on a category and very subjectively winds through some of my favorite music that falls somehow into the category. Not meant to be all-inclusive, by any means, or even to determine “the best.” Just a side trip of anecdotes, factoids, and observations about an eclectic range of music, category by category. I invite readers to contribute their own subjective favorites to each post.

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  1. My favorite version of this is one of the more recent ones. The glorious Dr. John and Rickie Lee Jones did a terrific duet that I believe was used in Sleepless in Seattle, but stands beautifully on its own.



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