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Spotlight: Carolina

Spotlight: Carolina

In the first of the series I wrote on women’s names, What’s Your Name?, I talked about the curious international history of a song about a lady named Carolina. I mentioned three versions of the song–all quite different. I’ve posted them here, starting with the Folkes Brothers original:

Now, here’s Shaggy’s hit version:

And, lastly, the version by Taraf de Haidouks:

Here’s the excerpt from my original post:

I recently made a discovery, upon listening again to the Romanian band Taraf de Haidouk’s 2001 album Band of Gypsies, that one song, “Carolina,” is a remake of a song from across the globe. The song is credited on the album to Gabi Voicila, but it’s actually a revved-up version of a song recorded in Jamaica in 1964 by The Folkes Brothers as “Oh Carolina,” one of the first ska/reggae songs. The original has a nice folky-Caribbean feel, which Shaggy, in 1993, turned into a delightful groove for his first hit. The woman is Caro-lie-na in the Jamaican versions, and Caro-lee-na in the Romanian, but it’s the same song.

Taraf de Haidouks are the quintessential “band of gypsies,” known for their frenetic, exultant workouts that feature violin, flute, impassioned vocals, and, underpinning it all (and occasionally taking a tasty ride) is the cimbalom, the happiest of musical instruments. It’s an Eastern European relative of the hammer dulcimer. It’s kind of like the back-end of an open grand piano, on which the cimbalom player strikes the strings with a mallet. The result is spidery and shimmery and enchanting. With a cimbalom aboard, a song’s lyrics may be sung in a language I don’t understand, and may be about failed crops or the death of a loved one, but the music sounds gleeful, and makes me want to tap, clap, and dance.

At any rate, I love Shaggy’s “Oh Carolina.” When subjected to Shaggy’s hits from the early ‘00s (while driving my daughter to school), I’d thought of him as a boring rapper whose verses worsened those mediocre songs that his guest artists sang. But Shaggy’s in control on “Oh Carolina.” I’ve reassessed Shaggy, due to that one song, which tops my running playlist. Groovy!


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  1. I remember hearing Billy Joel being interviewed about THe Police’s Roxanne – turning his head when he heard the voice blaring on the stereo, what is this?! But liking it all the same.
    That’s how I remember hearing Oh Carolina a la Shaggy!


  2. All pretty darn good versions, but I like the original the best.



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